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Zappa (15)

BBC SO Total Immersion: Zappa

A digital outline of Frank Zappa's iconic moustache, beard and eyebrows are layered above a digital pink sun centre, with pink, yellow and blue sun rays emitting from it

The perfect introduction to Frank Zappa: Alex Winter’s new landmark documentary explores the man, the music and the phenomenon – both on the stage and far from it.

A musician as boundary-defying as Frank Zappa can be hard to get a handle on, so this Total Immersion Day begins with the perfect primer. With extensive contributions from figures close to the musician including his widow Gail, Alex Winter’s 2020 film counters some of the most stubborn Zappa myths and confronts the political turbulence the composer cultivated. It captures Zappa head and heart, and shines new light on his classical compositions.

The documentary benefits from unfettered access to the Zappa family trust and its wealth of archival footage. It examines the private life behind one of the most extraordinary musical careers of the last century – and the music it produced. Rolling Stone magazine wrote of the film, ‘you will learn way more about the man than you could possibly imagine’.

Zappa. Documentary, 2020 Dir Alex Winter 129 mins
Contains strong sexual images, sex references, language.

This film will finish at approximately 1.15pm.

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