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The World in a Grain of Sand

BBC SO Total Immersion: Discovering George Walker

Photo of George Walker playing the piano

The world in a grain of sand: as part of today’s Total Immersion in the music of George Walker, Guildhall Musicians perform his songs and chamber music.

Since his death in 2018 George Walker has come to be regarded as an American musical statesman, speaking on the largest scale. But he always prized concision and detail. From his early studies with Nadia Boulanger through to his 21st century works, chamber music in the classical tradition was a central and enduring aspect of his compositional life. 

'There’s a solidity there that one can come back to and find things - time after time - that are interesting' said Walker. 'Although so much has been done, it seems to me that there’s still the possibility that one can find ways of extending what has already been done'. Ahead of this evening’s BBC Symphony Orchestra concert, students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama explore his songs and chamber music: strong words, by no means always softly spoken.

This performance will finish at approximately 6.30pm

Produced by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Digital programme

Milton Court Concert Hall