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The Wondrous Realities of Andrew and Eden Kötting (15*) + ScreenTalk with Andrew Kötting, Eden Kötting, Glenn Whiting and Gareth Evans

London International Animation Festival 2021

A photographic still from This Illuminated World is Full of Stupid Men

Andrew and Eden live and work between Hastings and the French Pyrenees. Eden is Andrew’s daughter and was born in 1988 with Jouberts Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

Eden has been working alongside Andrew all her life and the fantastical body of work they have created together voyages us to all kinds of wondrously observed and vividly imagined realities.

“E is for… Experimental moving image ideas – i.e. technological, expanded, performative, theatrical, sculptural, structural, formal, participatory – and the opening up of possibilities. E is for… Eden. From the garden and back again … and the fact of Eden and the unique insights she has brought to my life and the work that we have made that has led me to explore very different AREAS.

Eden, as daughter, agent, collaborator and catalyst. Eden as a moral compass offering thresholds for ventures into the very core of consciousness and perception. Journeys into the unknown. Without her I am lost.”
Andrew Kötting, 2016


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‘I don’t know where I originated from but it’s like everything else nowadays; it’s magic, and he’s been sound in our family for years and years and years.’
UK 1998 Dir Andrew Kotting and Andrew Lindsay 3 min

Kingdom Protista
A few drops of pond water rich in bottom sediments, seen under a microscope can quickly confirm the existence of another world. This is the Kingdom of Protista. 
UK 2000 Dir Andrew Kotting 6 min

Bunhill Fields
A waterbound journey from Hastings to Hackney where Eden channels the angelic forms of Blake, Bunyan and Defoe.
UK 2012 Dir Andrew Kotting 3 min

This Illuminated World is Full of Stupid Men
Inspired by the delirious dribble paintings of Jackson Pollock and the demented drivel sprouted by monotheistic clerics. A celebration of difference and other ways of making and being.
UK 2014 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 10 min

The Sun came Dripping a Bucket Full of Gold
At the threshold of the last mystery you have looked into the eyes of your creature self and watched the sun come dripping a bucket full of gold.
UK 2014 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 4 min

It's All in the Mind
In a world of make-believe anything is possible and yet men are still stuck in their dark holes. 
UK 2016 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 4 min

All at See
We are not land-locked, we are all-at-sea, surrounded by fish, boats and stars. 
UK 2016 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 3 min

Hand me Down
In the charity shops of Hastings and St Leonards Eden takes us into her inscape and hinterland.
UK 2017 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 5 min

Dog Ate Dog
We are sailing into a male storm, a place of make believe and disaster where dog eats dog. This world is teeming with hidden dangers, orchestrated by voodoo, poo, men in frocks and dogs.
UK 2018 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 14 min

In Far Away Land
Backstroke, butterfly, nipples, breasts, front crawl and bras, we are awash in an ocean of bubbles. Meanwhile Captain Ahab sets sail on his magic carpet in search of the whale. 
UK 2019  Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 6 min

Diseased and Disorderly
A phantasmagorical journey into a world of Eden’s making and then beyond through her collages, self-portraits and still-life drawings.
UK 2021 Dir Andrew and Eden Kotting 13 min

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