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Sweet Thing (15)

Nico Rockwell, Lana Rockwell and Jabari Watkins sit next to each other at a dinner table in a b&w image from Sweet Thing

A gently and lovingly acted coming-of-age story from director Alexandre Rockwell (Little Feet), about the bittersweet nature of family, shot beautifully in black & white, and colour. 

Siblings Billie (Lana Rockwell) and Nico (Nico Rockwell) are dealing with adolescence, but their parents struggle to provide the right emotional or financial support. Their father Adam (Will Patton) is loving, but misguided and not often sober, while their mother Eve (Karyn Parsons) has begun a new relationship with an abusive man and is indifferent, or worse, to the children.
Lana and Nico decide to run away with their friend Malik (Jabari Watkins), already living his life free from structure. Together, the trio explore abandoned houses and the lightness of being off the grid, but the reality of race, money and youth are perceptively conveyed.

Starring the director’s real wife and children, this family affair is full of terrific performances, which combine with gorgeous cinematography to create an off-kilter charm all its own. 

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US 2020 Dir Alexandre Rockwell 91 min 


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