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The Surrogate (15)

Parent & Baby Screening

A woman sits between two men, all facing the same way, with thoughtful looks on their faces

When Jess agrees to carry a child for her friends Josh and Aaron, it all seems clear. But an unexpected diagnosis leads the trio to question their thoughts and feelings, and who they think they are. 

Jess (a riveting Jasmine Batchelor), Aaron (Sullivan Jones) and Josh (Chris Perfetti) are sure they’ve dotted all the ‘i’s, crossed all the ‘t’s when it comes to their surrogacy arrangement. But one day, the doctor calls to inform them that their baby has Down syndrome, and suddenly it’s not so simple. Forced to confront an unplanned possibility, the three have different feelings and reactions to each other, and to what each expected themselves. 

At the centre of a complicated moral thicket, Jess slowly begins to grow into her own autonomy, and question her habit of pleasing others first – whether that’s her friends, her mother, her ex or her employer. 

Jeremy Hersch’s thoughtful film keeps us guessing what might happen until the end, without exploiting a sensitive subject for twists or moralising, and keeping Jess’ journey authentic.  

US 2020 Dir Jeremy Hersch 93 min



Booking is essential. Unless or until guidance changes, six people or two households of any size can visit together as a group. Please only sit directly beside someone from your household or support bubble, and avoid moving seats when you arrive, so we can keep social distancing in place between you and other groups. 

Before the film, you’re welcome to eat and drink in the Cinema Café area, although the cinema foyer spaces won’t be available at the moment, to allow for social distancing.

Our Parent and Baby screenings are designed for adults to enjoy the latest film releases with their young babies, in a relaxed atmosphere with gentler lighting and sound. Screenings are suitable for babies of 12 months or under. Up to four adults can accompany a baby, but adults without a baby will not be admitted.

We have plenty of dedicated space for you to park your baby buggy. For health and safety reasons, we cannot allow buggies inside the cinemas.

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