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a group of people are on a beach with dark shapes between them

In the latest thriller from M Night Shyamalan a family visit a remote beach whilst on holiday and suddenly realise something truly terrifying is happening to them.

Director M Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Split) brings us another classic yet macabre thriller where a family are a tropical holiday and one day decide to go to a remote but beautiful beach. After relaxing for a few hours the family start to realise that the beach has started to make them age rapidly and helplessly. 

Caught up in the horror of seeing their loved one age in front of their eyes, the people stuck on the beach together are forced to face the very real threat of their own mortality. Balancing the tone between silliness and seriousness, Shyamalan has carved an interesting space for his very unique film. 

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US 2021 Dir M Night Shyamalan 110min

There is audio description available for this title. We provide audio description using the Dolby Screentalk system. The film soundtrack comes through the speakers in the usual way and a recorded narrator explains what is happening on screen through personal headphones. Please ask a member of staff for a set of headphones.


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‘With a cast worthy of Agatha Christie, this tale of a resort where time has been terrifyingly accelerated is brilliantly poised between serious and silly‘

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