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Lynette Wallworth

Hushuhu, the first woman shaman of the Yawanawá stands on a wooden bridge crossing a river The water is brown and she is holding a large white and black feather.

Emmy award-winning Lynette Wallworth’s stunning 360° VR experience uses cutting edge technology to connect you with an Amazonian people who are ascending from the edge of extinction.

Through a VR headset, you’ll be transported into the village where Hushahu, the first woman shaman of the Yawanawá will share her story with you. For the Yawanawá people, ‘medicine’ has the power to transport you in a vision to a place you have never been and here they use Virtual Reality as medicine, to open a portal to another way of knowing.

Awavena is a collaboration between a community and award-winning artist Lynette Wallworth, melding cutting edge technology and transcendent experience so that a vision can be shared, and a story can be told. Winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches to Documentary.

Running time: 25 mins, no interval

Age guidance: 12+

This is an intimate experience for six people at a time. Sanitised headphones and VR equipment will be provided.

Presented by the Barbican. Awavena is presented as part of the UK/Australia Season 2021-22, a major programme of cultural exchange taking place across the two nations.


‘Awavena is a cerebral encounter connecting us to the very heart of the Amazon‘
Theatre Full Stop
‘Awavena expands the boundaries of what immersive video can do.‘
‘Technologically flawless, the VR enhances a truly interesting perspective... An awe-inducing experience‘
Theatre Full Stop on Collisions

The Pit