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Spectacular Shorts: Our Natural World (U*)

Family Film Week

A bird talks to a whale in the sea, animation

We’ve brought together a selection of gentle, thought-provoking stories featuring characters and animals navigating the natural world. 

These international shorts are a great way of introducing little ones to world cinema in easy bite-sized chunks.

With very little dialogue, these international films use a variety of styles to tell their stories including hand drawn, CGI and paint-on-glass animation and are a great way of introducing little film fans to world cinema. 

Age recommendation 6+

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count.

Booking is essential, please book your tickets before the screening.


Apple Tree Man 
Based on a Somerset folktale, this lovely pastoral animation follows the Apple Tree Man who lives in the oldest tree in the orchard and a farmer never asks anything for himself.  
Russia 2020 Dir Alla Vartanyan 10 min


Little Grey Wolfy: Summer Party 
Wolfy’s friends work together to get a very special cake ready for a very special birthday. 
Norway 2020 Natalia Malykhina 6 min


Robot and the Whale
Lobo the Robot and his dog Banjo live alone until one day they discover a beached whale on the sand. But to help the stranded animal Lobo must be brave and overcome his fear of water. 
Sweden 2018 Dir Jonas Forsman 6 min


Six-year-old Kyna lives in fear of the rain and lives beneath her father’s ‘umbrella beard’ with her dog Nana. But one night, Nana disappears and Kyna must turn her life upside down to save her best friend.  
Spain/France 2020 Dir José Prats, Álvaro Robles 12 min

Juan Viento 
Juan spends his time cleaning the leaves from the local park, but one day the wind brings a surprise with it.
Argentina 2019 Dir Carlos Farina 5 min


The Bird and the Whale 
Created using paint-on-glass animation, this stunning story follows a young whale and a caged bird struggling to survive the power of the waves. 
Ireland 2019 Dir Carol Freeman 7 min


And That is How the Rivers Came to Be 
Based on the Peruvian legend, this stunning animation takes viewers inside the magic and beauty of the Amazon region and reminds us of our sacred connection to water.
Peru 2020 Dir Miguel Araoz Cartegena 3 min
In Kukama-Kukamiria with English subtitles


The Lighthouse Man 
The huge rocky Lighthouse Man protects his small fishing village with pride, but when the village becomes a town and then a city, space is limited and the Lighthouse Man feels like he may not be useful anymore. 
Canada 2020 Dir Matt Walton 4 min

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