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Spectacular Shorts (U*) + Show & Tell introduction by Tom Hillenbrand

Family Film Club

an animated pig in a straw hat with a duck trimming a hedge

We’re returning from the summer holidays with the best short films we could find from all over the world about the greatest of unlikely friendships.

Whether it’s a snow bunny and a pug, a grumpy witch and a baby, or an introverted pig and a partying duck – these films will all celebrate those wonderful random connections we make when we build bridges and embrace your differences. 

And before the film, animator Tom Hillenbrand is doing a short talk all about types of animation, how you create different effects and maybe even test your knowledge with a quick quiz!

Full programme is available below – highlights include: The Pig on the Hill (based on the lovely children’s picture book by John Kelly) and award winning, The Witch and the Baby (by UK based animator and illustrator Evgenia Golubeva, author of I am Not a Mouse)

Approx runtime 60min

Age recommendation: 4+

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count.

Booking is essential, please book your tickets before the screening.



When a tiny dog gets left behind on an icy holiday, two friendly snow rabbits take him in.

Germany Dir Milen Vitanov 8 min
No dialogue

A young cinema goer and his older sister get more than they bargained for when their screening comes to life.

Netherlands Dir Merel Hamers 3 min
No dialogue

The Little Red Chick
A curious chick wants to learn how muffins are made – but will his friends on the farm help?

Belgium/France Dir Célia Tisserand 12 min
French with English subtitles

The Pig on the Hill
Pig likes his lonely home just how it is, but his mind is slowly changed when a duck moves in next-door.    

US 2019 Dir James Wheless 6 min

Warm Star

A bird cleans the stars in the sky, but one of them falls to Earth and is discovered by some children below.  

Russia 2020 Dir Ann Kyzuma 4 min
No dialogue

Maraude and Murphy
Two bats – one from the country, one from the town – compete to find the best insect hunting grounds at night.

France 2018 Dir Hélène Ducrocq 8 min
French with English subtitles

Kika La Plume
A canary falls escapes from its cage and finds adventure on the rooftops.

France 2020 Dir Nicolas Bianco Levrin & Julie Rembauville 6 min
No dialogue

The Witch and the Baby
A witch thinks a babysitting job for the king and queen will be a doddle, but the royal baby has other ideas.

Russia 2020 Dir Evgenia Golubeva 4 min
No dialogue

A grumpy polar bear receives an unexpected visitor to his icy home – but will the two of them be able to share?

Russia 2020 Dir Marina Moshkova 5 min

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