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Young Man with a Horn (PG) (35mm) + Jazz of Lights (PG) (16mm)

Part of EFG London Jazz Fest: Jazz and the City

A still from Young Man with a Horn, starring Kirk Douglas

Screening from a 35mm print, Michael Curtis’ Young Man with a Horn, starring Hollywood legends Kirk Douglas, Doris Day and Lauren Bacall, is a fictionalised account of jazz cornetist Bix Beiderbecke.

Beiderbecke's whose life and career has become one of the key legends of jazz, defined as it was by tragedy, and the eternal struggle between artistic expression and commerce. Playing fast and loose with the real life of Beiderbecke, the film takes on a melancholic look at the figure of the musician and is notable for the performance of Bacall whose character of Amy is subtlety coded as a lesbian, despite the conservative restrictions imposed by Hays Code at that period.

Adding a layer of authenticity to the jazz world, environment is the presence of famed musician Hoagy Carmichael, who plays a supporting role with trumpeter Harry James dubbing the trumpet solos.

Jazz of Lights, showing on 16mm, is a jazz inspired psychedelic city symphony, featuring appearances by famed musician Moondog, shot along Times Square.

Young Man with a Horn
US 1949 Dir Michael Curtis 35mm

Jazz of Lights
US 1954 Dir Ian Hugo 16 mins 16mm


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