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Sonifying the Data-Set

Making Music using Computer Vision

A couple with headphones on looking at a screen

Join artist and PhD researcher Matthew Evans to learn how to build a programme that correlates sound with images, creating your own pieces based on the data-set images in the exhibition

Join Matthew DF Evans, artist and Doctoral Researcher, to learn how to use graphical programming to explore the connection between image and sound.

By translating one medium to another, from the digital to the tangible, this workshop investigates how utilising the data of an image by the way of pixels, an image can be translated into sound. By creating sound from a visual stimulus an image ceases to be singularly visual. By making an image both visual and auditory, the accessibility and experience of that image changes.

Through the examination of the composition of an image, this workshop will explore how subject matter can be used as a catalyst for sonic composition. Through this, participants will make their own sound pieces based on the data-set images in the exhibition.

Tickets go on sale on Friday 4 October 2019. Four tickets per booker only.


Photo of Trevor Paglen talking to the camera

Watch: Trevor Paglen show us how computers see the world

Watch artist Trevor Paglen, as he looks into how artificial neural networks learn and and perceive images.

Fountain Room