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Propaganda Session Three

Danalogue: Suite of the Elements

Danalogue sitting amongst glass buildings, gesturing with his hands

Danalogue (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96) approaches the church organ as if it were an ancient analogue synthesizer, composing a new work that explores spirituality and the classical elements.

Dan Leavers – aka Danalogue – isn’t an organ player. And that’s what makes Suite of the Elements so fascinating. He comes to the organ with the curiosity of a vintage modular synth player, tinkering with its presets to reveal seemingly endless possibilities. Accompanied by tape loops, drums, gongs, percussion and flute, he creates a mellow yet engulfing wash of sound.

The piece explores the ancient hermetic elements – Water, Earth, Air, Fire and the fifth element, Aether or Spirit. Each section investigates the qualities of a different element. It’s not just the music that changes, but also the lighting and, astonishingly, the scents, with a member of the band lighting incense to correspond with each movement. The result is an extraordinary multisensory experience.

This performance will start at the advertised start time and running times will be confirmed closer to the event

Produced by the Barbican


photo of shabaka hutchings staring into the distance

Listen: Shabaka Hutchings - Propaganda

Change the way you see the world, expand your reality and alter your perception. Curated by Shabaka Hutchings.

photo of shabaka hutchings

Barbican Sessions: Shabaka Hutchings

For our latest Barbican Session, one of the central figures of the London jazz scene, Shabaka Hutchings performs an improvised piece on bass clarinet.

St Giles' Cripplegate