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End of the Century (18)

Two men gaze at each other with the violet-tinted cityscape of Barcelona as their backdrop

Argentinian Ocho (Juan Barberini) is visiting Barcelona when handsome stranger Javi (Ramón Pujol) catches his eye, but it takes two more chance encounters for the two men to connect.

Sweaty sex turns into an amorous date before Lucio Castro’s poetic debut takes us in an unexpected direction, as the narrative jumps back in time. Over two decades, fleeting moments of intimacy and deep emotional bonds coalesce into a love story that transcends time, while touching on the modern trappings of gay romance, from open relationships to marriage.

Through its clever disruption of linear storytelling, the film reveals the serendipity of life’s twists and turns, and that rare thing of two lovers who are just meant for each other, across time, space and circumstance.

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Argentina 2019 Dir Lucio Castro 84 min

‘A beautifully pitched love story about the road not taken.‘

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