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Reel Short Takes (12A*)

Chronic Youth Film Festival

A still from the film Sorry fi disturb ya

A series of shorts that put self-exploration to film. Stop by to experience the world through someone else's lens.

To celebrate emerging talent, the Barbican Young Programmers invited submissions from short-filmmakers in response to the theme of Inside Out; an exploration of the relationship between our inner lives and outward expressions of creativity. Offering up diverse perspectives on overcoming hardship, these films are as experimental as they are intimate and cast a shrewd light on society.

The event is divided into three sections, each accompanied by a short discussion with the cast and crew, with opportunities to network. 

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Part One 

Escape reality, finding comfort in our own desires and fantasies and hidden corners.
UK, Brazil 2020 Dir Maria Lissoni and Giovanna Colagrossi 6.5 min

Motherland is an up close and personal documentary told through film and still images, exploring the way in which culture has a fundamental influence within the African Diaspora in London.
UK 2019 Tracey Lopes and Alicia Quayson 3 min

Bringing colour to a grey and dreary council estate with the use of music and dance.
UK 2019 Edem Wornoo 1 min 30 sec

Part Two

Ill Actually
Chronicles the life of three teenagers with chronic and invisible illness and how they use social media platforms as a form of expression and identification.
UK 2019 Zoë Hunter Gordon 12 min 4 sec

A blind 13-year-old girl connects to the world using YouTube.
Netherlands 2019 Kate Villevoye 6 min 53 sec 



Part Three

Home Stream
Homeless women share their lives on the streets in London with the use of an iPhone.
UK 2019 Giulia Gandini 10 min 58 sec

The Bouncer's Judgement
A young man tries to stand out, to get the approval of a bouncer to enter a night club. 
Germany 2019 Terence Li 3 min 5 sec

Sorry Fi Disturb Yuh
A spoken word piece about a young man’s night out. He talks about his thoughts and encounters on the following topics: “blame” in sexual assault; youth violence in London and homelessness. 
UK 2019 Georgia Goggin 8 min 13 sec

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