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Haydn’s Creation


Image of creation of the world

The Biblical creation story told in music of cosmic grandeur; a journey of uninhibited joy from the dramatic moment the first ray of light hits the waters of the deep.

It’s hard to imagine a choral work more life-affirming than Haydn’s The Creation. A vision of the universe that embraces both earthworms and angels, it’s absolutely perfect for an ensemble as lively – and brilliant – as Arcangelo.

‘The quality of this zestful ensemble just keeps soaring’ says Roderick Dunnett on Bachtrack, and over the brief, spectacular decade since it was founded by Jonathan Cohen, Arcangelo has become shorthand for historically informed performance at its happiest. Cohen has assembled a team of soloists that share the same open-mindedness and commitment; just what’s required for music that never stops feeling new.

This performance ends at approximately 9.45pm, including a 20 minute interval.

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