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And Then We Danced (15)

Two young male dancers look at each in a dance studio

Softness is a dangerous affliction for the boys of the National Georgian Ensemble in Levan Akin’s And Then We Danced.

To have soft limbs is to be weak, to lose strength in your muscles is to fail. This practice, rooted in military moves and Middle Age holiday celebrations, occupies the mind and body of Merab (dancer Levan Gelbakhiani in his first acting role), a sensitive and headstrong student at the academy.

He’s talented, and a touch frustrated by the cultural structures inhibiting his livelihood. But he’s still mostly in control of his ambition, until a rival dancer enters the equation and thaws his cool veneer with a threat. 

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Sweden/Georgia 2019 Dir Levan Akin 106 mins

There is a captioned screening of And Then We Danced at 6.00pm on Tue 17 Mar in Cinema 3.

Audio Description headsets are available for all screenings of And Then We Danced in Cinema 2 & 3. 

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