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The Ponds (12A) + ScreenTalk with director Patrick McLennan

Shot of woman in Hampsted Heath

Patrick Mclennan and Samuel Smith spent 12 months filming the regulars at the three bathing ponds on Hampstead Heath.

In a world of constant flux and chaos, it's almost a shock to discover some experiences remain natural, unhurried and unchanged.

In the middle of metropolitan London lies Hampstead Heath, 320 hectares of forest, parkland, wildlife plus three swimming ponds. People swim in them all year round, whatever the weather, just as they did in the time of Keats and Constable.

Filmmakers Patrick McLennan and Samuel Smith spent 12 months with these keen swimmers, as they dived, laughed, sang, complained, ruminated, philosophised and simply sought respite from all that life threw at them.

UK 2019 Dir Patrick McLennan, Samuel Smith 76 mins

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