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Shorts Programme: States of Being (15*)

Part of Palestine Film Festival

black and white image, woman sitting in a hospital bed

This curated selection of Palestinian shorts explores sci-fi themes through experimenta.

Your memories are not your own, the land you are on is somewhere else, the barriers of these spaces limit your entire being. These five shorts by renowned and emerging artists occilate between space and time, the inherited and the actual.

This session of otherworldly realities presents exciting new work by Larissa Sansour and Forensic Architecture’s Shourideh C. Molavi, and UK premieres by Kamal Aljafari and Shuruq Harb.


Tuesday By The Sea
A border is two-dimensional and two-sided, but without a clear beginning and end. This short film, with no dialogue, cuts between two locations, allowing us to see the very real distinctions of two places on a single day.
Palestine 2019 Dir Shourideh C Molavi 7 min

There (Hounak)
A young man thinks of his family's Palestine, a place he's never been to but lives so near to. A disconnected sound, a saturated colour, a strange dream, this film shows us memoreis that belong to someone else.
Palestine 2019 Dir Mohamed Sabah 4 min

It's A Long Way From Amphioxus
Kamal Aljafari’s new short film collapses time, questioning the meaning of life in a system in which humanity is reduced to a number and the value of one’s future is measured by applications within grey hallways. 
Palestine 2019 Dir Kamal Aljafari 17 min


The White Elephant
Artist Shuruq Harb imagines a stream of consciousness based on memories and anxieties driven by grief and teenage angst. 
Palestine 2018 Dir Shuruq Harb 12 min

In Vitro
Set in the aftermath of an eco-disaster. A vast bunker under the biblical town of Bethlehem has been converted into an enormous orchard. A conversation between two scientists soon evolves into an intimate dialogue about memory, exile and nostalgia. 
Palestine 2019 Dir Larissa Sansour 27 min

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