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SADIR: Dancing for the Rajahs, Nawabs and the Officers of the Raj

A performance with live music

Dancer Swarnamalya Ganesh against a blue background

Akademi, in collaboration with SAMA Arts, presents a first-ever performance in Britain. 

A showcase of unique selections from the court and salon Sadir dance repertoire from British India, performed by the compelling dancer, actor, and noted scholar Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh.

Sadir or the invitational performances of the 17th to early 20th century Southern India, were given by highly trained, hereditary, professional dancers, and their musician troupes in the royal durbars and sumptuous salons of rajahs, nawabs and other wealthy sponsors, often including among their guests, the officers of The Raj or British India.

Using signature dances of the centuries-old repertoire, particular music forms and instruments, intricate gestures and clever verses, Swarnamalya will trace the journey of Sadir across several centuries, cultures and regions in a Salon-style performance.

LSO St Luke's