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Pavarotti (12A) + Satellite Q&A

Image of smiling Pavarotti in bow tie

Ron Howard celebrates the life of beloved opera star Luciano Pavarotti who sold over 100 million records in his lifetime.

The 1990 World Cup in Italy was the moment opera hit the masses. Pavarotti joined fellow tenors Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras on stage in a rendition of 'Nessun Dorma' watched by 1.4 billion worldwide, and Pavarotti realised his long-held dream of bringing opera to the mainstream.

Through unique access to the Pavarotti family archives, home videos, behind the scenes and extensive live music footage, we see Pavarotti’s personal story emerge: from his humble beginnings in Northern Italy through to global superstardom.

Classic FM presenter John Brunning will be hosting the Q&A and on the panel will be: Nicoletta Mantovani, Katherine Jenkins, Bryn Terfel and the film’s producer Nigel Sinclair.

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UK/USA 2019 Dir Ron Howard 170 mins

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