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Exhibition Tour: On Colour

Lee Krasner: Living Colour

On Colour, 'Portrait in Green' by Lee Krasner

Artist David Batchelor and Kassia St Clair, author of The Secret Lives of Colour, respond to Lee Krasner’s powerful relationship with colour.

'I might say I’m going to use blue… but then it comes out green' – Lee Krasner

Described as a “good noisy colorist”, Krasner’s work is renowned for its distinctive relationship to colour, demonstrated by her varied and vibrant palette.

From the unique, jewel like abstractions inspired by the surrounding nature of her home in Springs, to the raucous hues jostling for attention in Krasner’s powerful body of work in the 60s, colour has always been an integral element of her practice.

Join David Batchelor and Kassia St Clair for a tour of the exhibition, focusing on a number of key works that demonstrate Krasner’s approach to colour.


David Batchelor is an artist and writer based in London. For more than 25 years, his work has been concerned with our experience of colour within the modern urban environment. Chromophobia, Batchelor’s book on colour and the fear of colour in the West, was published by Reaktion Books (2000), and is now available in ten languages. 

Kassia St Clair is a London-based writer and chromophile. She is the author of The Secret Lives of Colour, a best-selling cultural history of seventy-five pigments, dyes and hues.

Includes same day entry to the exhibition.


Photo of Lee Krasner

Longread: Introducing Lee Krasner

A key figure in American art, Krasner's energetic works reflect the spirit of possibility in post-war New York. Charlotte Flint, Exhibition Assistant on Lee Krasner: Living Colour, looks back through her life, works and legacy.

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