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Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival: Widow of Silence (15*) + ScreenTalk with director Praveen Morchhale

Film, Power and Politics

A woman washing her laundry

A riveting and poetic examination of a Muslim half-widow, her 11 year old daughter and ill mother-in-law left behind in the conflict zone of Kashmir.

Life for Kashmir's half-widows (a term given to the women whose husbands have disappeared but are not declared deceased) can be dire, fraught with many hurdles even to maintain a routine existence.

Struggling to provide for her daughter and mother-in-law, nurse Aasia finds herself buffering against Indian bureaucracy trying to obtain a death certificate for her husband who is presumed dead.

With her life in limbo, unable to re-marry or settle her considerable financial debt, she is forced to make difficult decisions to overcome her absurd plight and outwit the conniving government official looking to take advantage.

We are delighted to present the UK premiere of this gripping and soulful film, with notably breathtaking visuals of the Kashmir landscape shot by Iranian cinematographer Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah

India 2018 Dir Praveen Morchhale 85 min

Part of LIFF's Barbican Cinema strand, Film, Power and Politics. For the full programme, check out the LIFF website.

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