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LIAF 2019: Amazing Animations for 0-7 year-olds (U*) + workshop

Family Film Club

a young lion cub looking up at the sky

This carefully selected programme for our littlest audience contains 12 of the best, most recent wonderful short animated films, full of joy, from all around the world.

This programme contains several cheeky, loveable animals in all sorts of mad adventures.

Percy Cat is looking forward to a holiday in ‘Cat Lake City’, Sam’s Dream tells of a mouse who wants to fly with the birds, a small tiger goes on a long journey to find his stripes and neighbours Pig and Duck learn that friendship is the most important thing to cherish.


Join us in the Cinema 2 & 3 Foyer at 10am get creative with illustrator & author Lizzy Stewart, she will be running a drop-in drawing workshop inspired by the animated short films. Open to all children with their families.

Age recommendation 4+

Please note LIAF 2019 pass holders will not be admitted to this event. 

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count.


Animanimals collection - Fly
Three singing frogs and a fly play a mischievous game.
Germany Dir Julia Ocker 4min

Matilda can’t get to sleep so she starts to explore her room in a new light with the magic of her torch.
Spain 2018 Dir Irene Iborra 7min

A lovesick bird of paradise dances through the night, doing it’s best to attract a mate.
Germany 2019 Dir Sonja Rohleder 4min

Cat Lake City
Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in “Cat Lake City” – the cats’ holiday paradise. 
Germany 2019 Dir Antje Heyn 7min

Sam's Dream
A little mouse wants to make his dream come true – to fly with the swallows.
France 2018 Dir Nölwenn Roberts 7min

The Pig on the Hill
When Pig’s free-spirited new neighbour Duck plunges himself into Pig’s quiet, orderly life, Pig learns that having friends is what he has been missing all along.
US 2018 Dir Jamy Wheless & John Helms 6min

Ray's Great Escape
Ray is a little monster who lives on the edge of a volcano about to erupt so he has to move out of his house.
China 2018 Dir Jie Weng 7min

A Tiger with no Stripes
A little tiger takes a long journey to look for his stripes.
France/Switzerland 2018 Dir Raul ‘Robin’ Morales Reyes 8min

What’s on the end of the red string?
Germany 2019 Dir Alex Berweck 5min

Koyaa- Elusive Paper
Koyaa wants to paint a picture but the paper he is using is being very elusive.
Slovenia 2019 Dir Kolja Saksida 3min

Animanimals collection – Slug
Slug struggles with her new house.
Germany Dir Julia Ocker 4min

Monsters Don't Exist
Two longtime rivals engage in an epic battle for monster supremacy.
Italy 2018 Dir Ilaria Angelini, Luca Barberis Organista, Nicola Bernardi 3min

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