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Linnet Dawson and Basil Goode

A Barbican Library Foyer Exhibition

A selection of jewellery by Linnet Dawson

An exhibition of jewellery designed and made by Linnet Dawson, and paintings by Basil Goode.

Linnet’s designs for jewellery are inspired by the fascinating randomness and limitless possibilities of melted wax poured onto various surfaces. Each wax is viewed to realise its potential, influenced by subconscious memory and disciplines of Ikebana. Final objects are assembled from chosen pieces to be cast in silver or gold, after which they can be further worked on, finished, polished and Hall Marked. Original sculptures are unique, although some can be reproduced to extend the design possibilities. The delight is always in the outcome of wax transformed into metal.

A selection of Linnet’s father’s paintings will also be on display. These were created in Cromwell Tower, Barbican, in the 1970s.

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