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Happiness Machine (15*) + panel discussion

London International Animation Festival 2019

a fish wearing a crown being held by two hands

An innovative, Pan European project that connects women animators and composers in the crafting of new work

Twenty artists were asked by Klangforum Wien and Tricky Women to consider our current economic system in light of the Economy for the Common Good social movement. The films reflect on various aspects of this movement - its opportunities and challenges, and its theory and practice.

Here are the resulting ten animations that explore themes of consumption, greed, solidarity, equality, responsibility, and revolt. They consider how the machine we operate within can be destroyed and rebuilt.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A led by Producer Abigail Addison with Austrian animators Eni Brandner and Susi Jirkuff, and British animators Elizabeth Hobbs and Samantha Moore about the collaborative process and the themes of the films.

For more information on the Happiness Machine project

The Flounder
One day a humble fisherman catches an enchanted fish. Can the fish help him and his wife improve their lot?
UK 2019 Dir Elizabeth Hobbs 6min

Hierarchy Glitch
Visual patterns are tied up in hierarchical behaviour that restrains the full potential and mobility of each individual element until the matrix collapses.
Bulgaria 2019 Dir Vessela Dantcheva 6min

Music Box
An ensemble of acrobats tries to create a perfect pyramid. However, one of them has problems with his hand so that the pyramid collapses.
Slovakia 2019 Dir Joanna Kozuch 6min

A journey to a surreal place where nothing is as it used to be.
Austria 2019 Dir Eni Brandner 8min

The story of a lingerie factory in Manchester. Workers recount the history of Headen & Quarmby, UK manufacturing, and traditions of making.
UK 2019 Dir Samantha Moore 10min

Translating the ideas of cooperation, trust, sharing and solidarity into separate working microcosms that run in an endless loop.
Switzerland 2019 Dir Andrea Schneider 6min

The Happiness Machine
A simulation of a non-existent video game concerned with the business practices of a company which at first sight seems ideal.
Serbia 2019 Dir Ana Nedeljković 7min

Someone disappears and a tree is upside down. In search of the roots, people are torn from their usual order and reassembled.
Germany 2019 Dir Rebecca Blöcher 8min

Measuring the Distance
Exploring urban edges as they correspond with the marginality of the social groups who inhabit them.
Austria 2019 Dir Susanne Jirkuff (Austria) 7 min

Suggestion of Least Resistance
A depiction of the July Revolt of 1927 (Der Brand des Wiener Justizpalastes), a monumental episode that is still acutely relevant.
Denmark 2019 Dir Michelle Kranot 5min

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