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From Absurd to Zany (18*) (International Competition 2)

London International Animation Festival 2019

a blue bird serves at a fast food counter

The backbone of the whole LIAF mission. We’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,600 entries to put together a series of screenings that showcase the best 85 new films from every corner of the world.

The one thing they have in common is that we think they’re the pick of the crop. Eight international competition programmes plus our ever-popular British Showcase. Every technique, genre and style – this is your annual window into the international indie animation universe. 

This programme celebrates some of the funniest, weirdest and eye-poppingly nutty films that were entered this year including the latest films from four of the brightest stars from the British independent animation scene –Jenny Jokela, Rory Waudby-Tolley, Peter Millard and Laura Jayne Hodkin.

Here you will encounter tales of two drunk girls in a chicken shop, an obsession with the Y2k bug, lovely piggies, and an extremely catchy cowboy song about a tiny pony called Tony amongst several other films of paranoia, hypochondria, death, absurdity and vegetarianism.


I'm Going Out For Cigarettes
Jonathan, twelve years old, lives with his sister, his mother and also some men. They all have the same face and nest in closets, drawers, TV set.
France 2018 Dir Osman Cerfon 13 min

I'm Not A Robot
Should we fear technology or own morally challenged and violent behaviour?
US 2019 Dir Sean Buckelew 2 min

Live A Little
Acting a fool convinced you’re a queen. A surreal depiction of the pressure and self-control that is necessary in being a ‘good woman’ in a patriarchal society. 
UK/Germany/Finland 2018 Dir Jenny Jokela 4 min

Don't Know What
How much entertainment is possible in avant-garde film and how much experimentation in animation?
Austria 2019 Dir Thomas Renoldner 8 min

New Year 
In 1999 a boy becomes obsessed with the Y2K bug. In the future a girl is learning to be a priest in a religion based upon the artifacts left behind by the boy.
UK 2019 Dir Rory Waudby-Tolley 9 min

Sh*t Happens
An exhausted caretaker and his sexually frustrated wife, a widowed deer drowning his sorrows in loads of alcohol. An absurd triangle of events.
Czech Republic/Slovakia/France 2019 Dir: Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf 13 min

Under the Ribcage
A profound and moving story about a neurotic guy who’s gonna’ die. Maybe. 
Belgium/France 2018 Dir Bruno Tondeur 13 min

The Levers
A man accepts a job offer from a stranger on the street. But where are those strange sounds coming from and what’s going on behind the curtains?
South Korea 2018 Dir Boyoung Kim 9 min

Trauma Chameleon
An escaped laboratory rat navigates through a sea of punctuation.
US 2019 Dir Gina Kamentsky 3 min

Hot and Tasty
Two drunken girls accidentally stumble into a chicken shop crime-scene.
UK 2019 Dir Laura Jayne Hodkin 4 min

This is Pig Meat
Peter used to be a vegetarian. Pigs used to be his friends. Now he eats them quite a lot.
Canada/UK 2019 Dir Peter Millard 4 min

Tony the Tiny Pony
Listen up cowboys, cowgirls and cow-everybody else too: gather round to hear the story of a tiny pony named Tony.
New Zealand 2019 Dir Ned Wenlock 4 min

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