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El Mar La Mar (15*)

Borders and Boundaries

a fence set against a desert like backdrop with mountains and blue sky

A haunting, immersive journey through the Sonoran Desert on the US-Mexico border.

The oral histories of migrants who make the desperate decision to cross the Sonoran Desert in the hope of making a new life in the US are told in this experimental film. The unseen speakers tell of the multiple dangers they face on their journey, made overnight away from the merciless heat.

As the migrants speak of sacrifice and struggle, the filmmakers present 16mm footage of flora, fauna and items left behind by those who have made the journey and a powerful riposte to the immigration policies of Trump’s America. It’s a unique and powerful work of protest art, which won two awards at the Berlin Film Festival.

US 2017 Dir Joshua Bonnetta and J P Sniadecki 95 min


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