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Where Does a Body End (15*) + ScreenTalk with director Marco Porsia

Part of Doc'n Roll Film Festival

Michael Gira from the band SWANS

This intimate portrait of the band SWANS draws on interviews and archive footage to tell the fascinating history of the band, who remain beloved by fans after four decades in music.

At times chaotic on stage and off, but never dull, this documentary starts at the beginning, when SWANS emerged in early 1980s New York, alongside other diverse talents like Sonic Youth and Madonna, as a brutal, confrontational post-punk band.

Moving into the 1990s, we follow the band's ill-fated attempt for mainstream success during the indie-rock goldrush, and then into the present era: as an accomplished and ambitious band, one whose concerts resemble ecstatic rituals, rather than the traditional nostalgia trip back through their most popular songs. 

Tagged with: Cinema Doc n Roll 2019

Canada 2019 Dir Marco Porsia 126 min

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