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Camouflage in the Digital Age

The Aesthetics of Disrupting Facial Recognition

Two women, standing in front of a green screen with paint on their face

Join Yoke Collective to explore the potential of fashion and camouflage in disrupting facial recognition software by altering your appearance using various materials.

In an age when individual freedom is threatened by surveillance culture, join artist duo Yoke Collective for Camouflage in the Digital Age: The Aesthetics of Disrupting Facial Recognition.

Hide in plain sight after learning techniques used by anti-surveillance activists across the globe which disrupt facial recognition. Use face paint, stickers and rhinestones to reclaim your image, blocking your facial features from the biometric tracking and collection used across the UK. The workshop aims to challenge contemporary fashion, expression and individualism within a society increasingly monitored by computer vision.

In response to the Curve exhibition Trevor Paglen: From 'Apple' to 'Anomaly', join us to learn how to better understand the computer’s gaze and how to navigate your path through society with striking dazzle.

Four tickets per booker only.


Photo of Trevor Paglen talking to the camera

Watch: Trevor Paglen show us how computers see the world

Watch artist Trevor Paglen, as he looks into how artificial neural networks learn and and perceive images.

Fountain Room