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The Architecture of Emergency

Architecture on Stage

An image of test equipment at the Macaulay Land Use Institute in Culardoch, Scotland

How should architecture and urban practice change in the face of a climate and ecological emergency? This summit brings together designers, activists and citizens to consider the path ahead.

Around the world campaigners, cities, institutions and governments are declaring a state of emergency in response to climate change. In this unprecedented moment, a question for architects and urban practitioners is cast into relief: how should architecture respond in this time of ecological emergency?

Much new architecture is fundamentally at odds with our planet’s limits, reliant upon huge material extractions and constant emissions. The government estimates that construction accounts for almost 47% of total UK emissions.

How can we drive the transition to an economy that minimises waste? What is the architect's role in reshaping culture in the face of environmental limits?

This event calls upon us all to discuss radical proposals to reform how we design our buildings and cities in the face of climate change. 

More speakers to be announced.

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architecture on stage, kazuyo sejima, kazuyo sejima giving a lecture about japanese architecture in london at the barbican centre

Watch: Architecture on Stage - Kazuyo Sejima

Renowned architect Kazuyo Sejima explores the relationship between the individual and Japan's advanced information society as she revisits domestic projects, looking at the principles behind key houses such as House in Plum Grove (2003).

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