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Forensic Architecture

Architecture on Stage

Still from Douma, Forensic Architecture (2018)

Eyal Weizman, director of Forensic Architecture, joins us to discuss the group's practice combining architecture and digital forensics.

Since 2010, Eyal Weizman has led the Goldsmiths-based research group Forensic Architecture, a multidisciplinary collective that uses complex evidentiary procedures - combining architecture with digital forensic practices - to re-appropriate tools employed governmental institutions of evidence production. Their work overrides ‘official’ findings, rendering visible the violence inherent in their operations, and the group has worked in close cooperation with affected communities as well as NGOs, human rights groups, activists, and media organizations to provide decisive evidence in legal cases. In 2018 the group was nominated for the Turner Prize.

Eyal Weizman will highlight key concepts of forensic architecture, including counter forensics, forensic aesthetics, operative models, the image-data complex and the architecture of memory.

The Architecture Foundation, in association with the Barbican, presents Architecture on Stage – a programme of talks and debates.


Frobisher Auditorium 1