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The Dilapidated Dwelling (PG*) + introduction by Patrick Keiller

Architecture on Film

The Dilapidated Dwelling

In Patrick Keiller’s (London, Robinson in Ruins) ‘lost’ film, a fictional researcher (Tilda Swinton) dissects Britain’s relationship with its extraordinarily expensive, backwards housing.

'What does it mean to live in a culture that finds it so difficult to produce new domestic architecture?' asks the invisible protagonist of Keiller’s film, an inquisitive and puzzled fictional researcher, voiced by actress Tilda Swinton. She returns to the UK with fresh, and frustrated, eyes, finding, after her 20 years in the Arctic, that whilst the UK remains one of the world’s wealthiest and most technologically advanced economies, its extraordinarily expensive housing still lingers in a state of backward ruin.

Nineteen years on from its release, Keiller’s essay on the problems of the house in Britain has only gotten more vital, acute and pertinent, as the housing crisis rages, rising rents displace residents, and property is leveraged as an asset that dominates the global economy.

Director Patrick Keiller introduces the screening.

UK 2000 Dir Patrick Keiller 78 mins

Curated by The Architecture Foundation, in association with the Barbican.

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