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Andrew Bird holding his violin and singing into a microphone

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and prodigious whistler Andrew Bird is joined by his full band to perform material from his back catalogue alongside his new album My Finest Work Yet

Andrew Bird has always been a restless creator, calling himself ‘a songwriter who happens to play violin’. This creative energy is palpable in a live setting, whether he’s looping his violin to create a small orchestra, virtuosically whistling, or improvising with full backing band.

Reflecting on our cultural moment, his new album My Finest Work Yet combine's Bird's tenor and nimble violin in his signature style but in a more contemporary, political setting. The themes of the album grapple with how to identify a moral compass amidst such divisive times. His new single 'Bloodless' is his discontented State of the Union Address, a musical response to global upheaval. It’s honest and stark – but not without a streak of optimism.

Support comes from Orange County singer-songwriter and Andrew Bird band member Madison Cunningham.

This performance will begin promptly at the advertised start time and running time will be confirmed closer to the event.

As a guide, please note that events usually finish by 10.30pm at the latest.

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photo of andrew bird with a black hat by the barbican lakeside

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The official music video of Andrew Bird's Bloodless.

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