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Touched In The Head (15*)

After the Wave: Young French Cinema in the 1970s

Four young friends

This hugely charming film follows the fortunes of a young baker’s apprentice as he navigates a bitter work dispute and an awkward ménage-à-trois.

Chris is fired by the boulangerie where he works when he turns up late one morning. He loses not just his job but also his home, since the flat he lives in is provided by his employer. Angry at not receiving his back-pay, Chris is advised by his union to barricade himself in his room, which he does.

There he is joined by his best friend, his girlfriend, and a free-wheeling Swedish girl who has been crashing with him temporarily and to whom he is strongly attracted. In the confines of the room, the self-styled rebels bounce off the walls and each other in a perfect, talky, post-68 confection.

Tagged with: Cinema After the Wave

France 1974 Dir Jacques Doillon 104 min Digital presentation

* Locally classified by the City of London Corporation

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