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Abstract Showcase (12*) (International Competition 1)

London International Animation Festival 2019

red and blue splodges on a yellow background

A survey of abstract and experimental animation.

Animators working in this field employ every technique from hand-drawn ‘musical scores’ all the way across the scale to high definition, computer assisted image making. These films share a pure love of animated movement and an artist’s eye for filling the screen, harnessing colour and creating non-narrative imagery.



Animated projections combine to develop a rhythmic dialogue exploring the intrinsic relationship between sound and image using 16mm film, paint and a projector.
UK 2019 Dir Ross Hogg 5 min

A stop-frame animated 360˚ exploration of the relationships between light, sound and space.
US 2018 Dir Diana Reichenbach 5 min

Erodium Thunk
Magazine cutouts, TV commercials and other mass-media detritus are stitched together, pulled apart, and recombined producing an unsettling Dadaist world.
Canada 2018 Dir Winston Hacking 3 min

Under the Canopy
Birds of paradise, displaying beautiful plumage, sing and dance in the tropical forests.
France 2019 Dir Bastien Dupriez 7 min

A symmetrical matrix of generative synthetic growth iterations of varying frequency intensities.
Hong Kong/Germany/UK 2019 Dir Max Hattler 3 min

Jim Zipper
A musical exploration inspired by various pictorial movements from the first half of the 20th century using the awesome pinscreen animation technique.
Canada/Switzerland 2018 Dir Alexandre Roy 2 min

Slowing down time, a journey through an ever-changing landscape of shapes in motion, with a sumptuous soundscape by Nils Frahm.
Germany 2019 Dir Sonja Rohleder 6 min

The filmmaker connects with his roots as he walks the streets of his hometown in North East Italy. 
Italy 2018 Dir Emanuel Kabu 2 min

Pattern Cognition
When you stare at a screen for too long, the screen stares back at you.
Germany 2019 Dir Thorsten Fleisch 7 min

Water droplets, bubble smashes and rain dripping. The sound and image of a fountain.
Hong Kong 2019 Dir Ho Tsz Wing 3 min

Matter and Motion
Motion creation, energy transmission, kinetic combustion. 
Hong Kong/Germany 2018 Dir Max Hattler 2 min

Specimens Of Ephemeral Worlds
A jarring immersion in fleeting worlds of dynamic sound and mystifying forms.
US 2018 Dir Rachel Wagner 4 min

VIVAldi VVinter
A dive into a snowstorm inspired by the ‘Winter’ section of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons.’
Canada 2018 Dir Theodore Ushev 10 min

Down Escalation
Falling down, deep into the layers of itself, until the form is no more.
Japan 2018 Dir Shunsaku Hayashi 7 min

The Dawn of Ape
The world’s first animation made to be watched by chimpanzees. For the first time ever, humans are allowed to look as well.
Japan 2019 Dir Mirai Mizue 4 min

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