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Tracking Edith (PG)

Tracking Edith

Filmmaker Peter Stephan Jungk delves into the motivations of his great aunt, Edith Tudor-Hart, an Austro-British photographer who lived a double life as a spy for the KGB.

While living a double life as a spy for the KGB, Edith Tudor-Hart recruited Kim Philby and helped create the Cambridge Five, the Soviet Union’s most successful spy ring in the UK, which infiltrated the very top of British intelligence (the inspiration for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy). The film recounts her remarkable life, told through her photographs and animated re-enactments.

As Peter Stephan Jungk learns more about his aunt and her work, his film demands the question: why is she not recognised alongside Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five as one of the spies that changed the world?

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Austria/Germany/Russia/UK Dir Peter Stephan Jungk 91 min


Barbican Cinemas

‘The sinew and texture of history are to be found in this grippingly detailed documentary‘