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Parent & Baby Screening: The Happy Prince (15)

Rupert Everett's The Happy Prince

This passion project from writer-director-star Rupert Everett is a poignant depiction of the final years in the life of renowned writer Oscar Wilde.

The true story of Oscar Wilde’s trial and imprisonment for indecency is a familiar one to many, previously dramatised for the screen in films such as Ken HughesThe Trials of Oscar Wilde and Stephen Fry’s Wilde.

But with his heartfelt and impressive biopic, Rupert Everett offers something quite different. He details the tragic final few years of Wilde’s life after his release from prison. During this time, in which the disgraced writer travelled around Europe under a series of assumed names, both his health and wealth diminished, yet his wit and creativity continued to shine.

In a role that he was born to play, Everett astounds as the fallen star, bringing his hero to the screen with grace, depth and, above all else, dignity.

UK 2018 Dir Rupert Everett 105 min

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