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Members' Disco Yoga

Members' Disco Yoga

Join us for an evening of Disco Yoga - a brand new yoga class for those who simply want fitness to be fun and uplifting

Disco Yoga is for disco lovers, yoga aficionados and first timers looking for a new way to unwind and socialise. Our mission is to never take life, disco or yoga too seriously. Disco Yoga will get you moving, dancing, laughing, chatting and connecting.     

You will start the class with the option to "Glitter Up" at our glitter station before taking your place on a Disco Yoga mat - no need to bring one. Blissful, energising sequences to a glorious mix of disco classics will rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, reboot your body and take you to Boogie Wonderland. 

After the class you can reward yourself with a super tasty cocktail or mocktail.  

No experience necessary, all levels welcome. Members are welcome to bring a guest - they'll need their own ticket. Ticket price includes one disco themed cocktail or mocktail.

The class will last approximately 1.5 hours. 

Garden Room