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Maker Showcase

Part of Make! A Season of Contemporary Craft

Balance and Form by Victoria Andrew part of Maker Showcase in the Barbican Shop

Stop by the Barbican Shop where we are showcasing a curated collection of boundary–crossing craft by some of our favourite contemporary makers.

Telling stories through the art of craft, each maker's pieces are demonstrative of all that craft can be and all that craft can encompass. Co–curated by Crafts Magazine.

Featured Makers

  • Alan Oliver: A self–taught textile artist specialising in the production of handwoven rugs and wall–hangings.
  • Victoria Andrew: A London based artist working with assemblages of glass and ceramics.
  • Mark Laban: A furniture designer whose practice fuses the natural and traditional with the contemporary and digital.
  • Ariane Prin: A multi–disciplinary maker with an environmental focus, challenging mass production and repurposing waste materials.
  • Irina Razumovskaya: An award-winning ceramic artist whose porcelain pieces poetically depict the passage of time.
  • Katharina Eisenkoeck: A designer who uses unexpected materials to create multi–functional light installations.


photo of tapestry weaver christy balfour weaving in her studio

How to: weaving with Christabel Balfour

In the first of our series of 'How to' workshops focussing on traditional crafts, tapestry weaver Christabel Balfour invites us in her South London studio for a weaving demonstration.

photo of suspended sculpture

Watch: Silo Studios

Follow Oscar Wanless and Attua Aparicio into the studio as they use NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene) to create a coat rack.

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