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LSO Family Concert: Voyager


Travel through the depths of space on a musical journey inspired by the Voyager spacecraft and the Golden Records they carry, holding music and messages for extra-terrestrial life to discover. 

Kepler, an interstellar traveller, has beamed herself down to the Barbican Hall. Having found the Voyager space probe and its precious Golden Record, she looks through its contents and explores the great classical masterpieces and their impact on humankind.
Journey to the stars with your family and the London Symphony Orchestra in this space-themed family concert. Sing along with our stellar participation piece and help get Kepler home to her distant solar system.

Age guidance: Suitable for 7–12 year olds

Devised and scripted by Gareth Davies
Animations by Vic Craven

Pre-Concert Workshops and Activites

Workshop start times: 12pm / 12.35pm / 1.10pm / 1.45pm

Some workshops have a limited capacity, so go to your favourite activity first or arrive a few minutes before the workshop start time so you have the best chance of getting in!

Fountain Room, Level G
Join professional musicians in these creative music workshops. Using a recording from the Cassini spacecraft each group will come up with textures and melodies. Bring your own instrument or try one of ours!

Stalls Lounge, Level -1

Warm your voices up ahead of the concert in these energetic singing workshops with Charles MacDougall. You’ll learn the participation song to help our hero, Kepler, get home, and launch into fun space songs and games!


Drop-in activities
Drop-in activities 12-2.15pm

Shadow Puppets 
Freestage, Level G
Join artists Shelly Wain and John Harmer for this space-themed shadow puppet workshop. Create your own intergalactic puppet to show off behind the shadow screen.

Interactive Music Stations
Foyers, Level -1
Explore sound and space in this interactive activity led by School of Noise. Investigate the science of sound and discover recordings from space!

Interstellar Desert Island Disks
Make your own golden record 

Barbican Hall