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Grime, Prokofiev and Strauss

London Symphony Orchestra/Daniel Harding

Photo of Harding conducting

Daniel Harding leads a whirlwind musical tour from Russia to the heights of an Alpine peak.

Prokofiev wrote that his Second Violin Concerto was the product of his ‘nomadic concert-tour existence’, which took him from Paris to Baku, Madrid to Morocco. Despite this, its fluid, lyrical melodies carry more than a hint of the composer’s homeland of Russia, to which he was about to return, along with tinges of Spain in the finale’s clicking castanets.

Strauss’ Alpine Symphony is a different journey altogether. A vivid story of extremes, illustrated by a vast orchestra, it follows an epic ascent to the heights of an Alpine peak, with every daring step, sublime view and terrifying force of nature captured in the music.


photo of helen grime in london

Barbican Meets: Helen Grime

We spoke to the composer about her early aspirations in music to being commissioned by the LSO and curating a programme for the Britten Sinfonia.


Barbican Hall