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Truth, Lies, Love and Sex: The Films of Jonathan Hodgson + Q&A (15*)

London International Animation Festival 2018

LIAF 2018 - Jonathan Hodgson - Guantanamo Bay

An evening with Jonathan Hodgson, exploring highlights spanning from his early sketchbook-based animation to his documentary feature work.

London based animation director Jonathan Hodgson has been making award-winning animated films since the early 1980s and is probably best known for his BAFTA-winning adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s poem ‘The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’.

As well as making short films he has made a name for himself as a commercials director and has explored almost every technique of animation from pencil to stop frame to CGI – his films being diverse in style with serious and thought provoking subject matter.

Much of the content in his work is drawn directly from personal experience and from watching and commenting on the world around him. In recent years he has worked increasingly in the area of documentary animation. 

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The relationship between a Persian rug and a cat.
UK 2015 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 1min

What Comes After Religion
The debate between believers and atheists usually goes nowhere. The real issue is: what should fill the gaps created by the end of widespread belief?
UK 2015 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 3min

Guantamano Bay: The Hunger Strikes
The daily brutality of life inside Guantamano Bay, the US detention camp in Cuba.
UK 2014 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 6min

The Banana Massacre
A depiction of the mass killing that occurred in 1928 in Colombia when innocent people went on strike for better working conditions.
UK 2013 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 3min

Mostafaei: End the Death Penalty
The extraordinary story of Mohammad Mostafaei who has saved 20 of the 40 juveniles he has defended from execution in Iran.
UK 2012 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 6min

Wonderland: The Trouble with Love and Sex
Inside the counselling rooms of Relate, as clients wrestle with champagne soaked fantasies and impotence, with dark family secrets and shocking confessions of infidelity. Can Relate counselling help any of them?
UK 2011 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 3min

The Age of Stupid: War for Resources
The history of wars fought over resources from prehistory to the present day. A sequence from The Age of Stupid, Franny Armstrong's feature length documentary about climate change.
UK 2009 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 2min

Forest Murmurs
An animated exploration of Epping Forest’s sinister past sparks off a journey into the dark side of the filmmaker’s mind.
UK 2006 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 13min

A sensitive depiction of the experience of children growing up with schizophrenic parents. 
UK 2001 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 8min

Feeling My Way
A journey from home to work as seen through the filter of the conscious and subconscious mind.
UK 1997 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 6min

An observation of human behaviour in a social situation, hinting at the loneliness felt by the individual lost in the crowd.
UK 1983 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 6min

A man takes his dog for a walk in the park where they encounter other dogs and their owners. The film explores the relationship between a man and his dog highlighting their contrasting approaches to life.
UK 1981 Dir Jonathan Hodgson 7min

Sublime and terrifying depictions of alien abductions, narrated by hypnotised, memory-recovering abductees. Directed by Paul Vester and animated by 17 animators including Jonathan Hodgson.
UK 1995 Dir Paul Vester 11min

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