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Aftermath + Q&A (15*)

London International Animation Festival 2018

'Im OK', part of LIAF's Special Presentation: Aftermath

A programme of short animations exploring the Great War at its centenary, and themes of conflict and loss.

The programme is inspired by ‘I'm OK’, a new short film by Elizabeth Hobbs (screening in competition at LIAF) about the Expressionist artist Oskar Kokoschka and his experiences as a soldier in the First World War.

Other internationally renowned filmmakers that feature in the programme include Vera Neubauer, Max Hattler, Emma Calder, Filipe Abranches, Tess Martin and Paul Wenninger.

The programme will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers Elizabeth Hobbs, Emma Calder and Maryam Mohajer talking about their artistic process and how they have chosen to depict the themes that are central to the films being screened, chaired by Abigail Addison from Animate Projects.

* = Locally classified by The City of London Corporation


The Big Push
An evocative paint-on-glass film commemorating the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme with original verse by renowned Scottish Poet John Glenday.
UK 2015 Dir Laurie Harris, Xin Lee 4 min

The Queen’s Monastery
A woman’s lover, a former acrobat, returns from war a changed man. 
UK 1998 Dir Emma Calder 6 min

Cannon Fodder
The absurdity of war.
UK 1971 Dir Vera Neubauer 1 min

Uncanny Valley
A stop-motion tour-de-force. Two lone soldiers fight their way out of the trenches of World War I. There is terror on their faces – explosions, chaos, fog. 
Austria/France 2015 Dir Paul Wenninger 13 min

1925 aka Hell
A strangely hypnotic, mesmerising animated loop inspired by the work of French outsider artist Augustin Lesage. 
France/UK 2010 Dir Max Hattler 2min

5 year-old Tana learns to keep silent after surviving the concentration camps. The true story of Holocaust survivor Tana Ross.
UK 1998 Dir Orly Yadin and Sylvie Bringas 11 min

Toy soldiers marching and moving in harmony, spinning, erupting and exploding. When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred. 
France/UK 2010 Dir Max Hattler 3 min

In Italian playgrounds a song is chanted that dates back to World War I. A dark tale of a soldier who returns home from war to find his girlfriend has left him.
USA/Netherlands 2014 Dir Tess Martin 3 min

Red Dress. No Straps
1985, Tehran. The Iran-Iraq war. For Marmar it is another ordinary afternoon at the Grandparents. 'Death to America' chants from school mixes with Grandad's favourite programme ‘The Voice of America' on the radio.
UK 2018 Dir Maryam Mohajer 8 min

It Would Piss me off to Die so Yoooooung…
The muddy trenches and filthy fields.  The desolation of war.
Portugal 2016 Dir Filipe Abranches 16 min

The Great War
Through a series of thoughtful reflections the students of The Grey Coat Hospital explore the significance of the centenary of the First World War. 
UK 2013 Dir Shelly Wain and John Harmer 4 min

An adaptation of a war poem by Siegfried Sassoon. “Aftermath” was broadcast on every Armistice Day for many years after the war.
UK 2016 Dir Layla Atkinson 2 min

I’m OK
In 1917, Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka was in hospital, injured and shell-shocked from World War I, and heartbroken from the end of a famous love affair.
UK/Canada 2018 Dir Elizabeth Hobbs 6min

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