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Framed Film Club Workshop + LIAF: Enchanting Explorations Shorts (PG*)

Framed Film Club

Framed Film Club Workshop

Drop in to our free workshop inspired by our exciting collection of Enchanting Explorations Shorts from our friends at London International Animation Festival.

From 10 – 11am we have a free drop-in animation workshop.

LIAF: Enchanting Explorations Shorts (PG*)

We're putting on our explorers’ hats to travel around the world and discover eleven wondrous, animated tales from Russia, Estonia, France, Italy, US, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Presented by the London International Animation Festival

Miriam By The Lake

Miriam’s family is having an outing by the lake. Hen can’t sleep so she goes for a walk.

Estonia Dirs Riho Unt, Sergei Kibus 5 min

Hippo and Juice

Hippo works as an airline pilot and he lives in a comfortable little house, where his refrigerator is always stocked with a blueberry pie and a jug full of juice.

Russia Dir Alexey Minchenok 3 min

In the Forest of Forgotten Umbrellas

Every night Dad tries to figure out what story to tell his little children.

Russia Dir Dmitry Vysotskly 7 min


In Buckingham Palace, it is time for the Queen to go to a ceremony, but a burst of wind takes away her hat, which leads one of her trustworthy guards and a playful corgi to run after it through London.

France Dirs Coralie Soudet, Charlotte Piogé, Marion Duvert, Marie El Kadiri, Agathe Marmion 7 min

I want to live in the Zoo

Sasha decides that she would like to live in the zoo. As she searches for her place with the animals, she discovers that home may be the best fit.

Russia Dir Evgenia Golubeva 6 min

Lemon and Elderflower

Hummingbird siblings are not able to fly like other birds, but that doesn't stop them from trying to invent a new way to soar.

Italy/UK Dir Ilenia Cotardo 3 min

The Adventures of the Afternoon

One beautiful afternoon, a little boy meets an unexpected friend, with whom he starts an adventurous journey.

Taiwan Dir Vance Yang, Stella Huang 8 min


A dog decides to help a hen and her chicks in crossing the river, but then he lets all kinds of animals walk all over him.

Netherlands Dir Jorn Leeuwerink 2 min

The Box

An old man ends up taming the mouse he wanted to get rid of.

France Dirs Eliott Belrose, Carole Favier, Loïcia Lagillier, Aloïs Mathé, Juliette Perrey, Joran Rivet 7 min

Leave A Print

Up in the cold north a family of arctic foxes realises that their leader is fading away, but they still hope to catch one last glimpse of him before he is gone.

UK Dir Christina Nerland 5 min


Two characters are linked by their hair, influencing each other by every move they mak

Germany Dir Robert Loebel 7 min

Total running time 65 min

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult.

If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count

* = Locally classified by the City of London Corporation

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