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Labyrinths: The Films of Peter Burr (PG*) + ScreenTalk

Edge of Frame

Dissolving men and landscapes in Peter Burr's animations

The first UK retrospective of Brooklyn-based artist Peter Burr, a master of computer animation and visionary creator of intricate, shape-shifting worlds.

These deeply immersive films conjure an extraordinary vision of a hybrid, digitised future. Characters explore uncharted realms of inner and outer space. Vast architectural structures and post-apocalyptic environments hover on the boundary between abstraction and figuration, ready to dissolve into pure pattern and rhythm at any point.

Peter Burr has shown widely at festivals and galleries around the world. Working with animation across different forms including short films, gallery installations, performance and virtual reality, he is at the forefront of contemporary animation practice.

The artist introduces the screening and follows it with a Q&A.

Part of the Edge of Frame Weekend 2018, a celebration of experimental animation taking place over three days at Barbican, BFI Southbank and Close-Up Cinema.

Curated by Edwin Rostron and supported by Arts Council England and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.


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Alone with the Moon
Burr creates a slow, liminal illusion in black-and-white, switching perspectives and matrices and crescendo-ing in time with Christopher Doulgeris’ portentously pulsating soundtrack.
US 2012 Dir Peter Burr 13 min digital

Special Effect
Channeling Tarkovsky’s Stalker, this film’s fractured and spiralling narrative is traversed through a hypnotising blend of live action and various digital animation styles.
US 2014 Dir Peter Burr 22 min digital

Green | Red
Burr conjures a shape-shifting world where the sidewalks are endless, the radio is playing electric, and the night sky is broken open by a cataclysm of shuddering stars.
US 2014 Dir Peter Burr 10.5 min digital

The Mess
This film follows the perspective of a solitary woman who descends into an abandoned subterranean ‘arcology.’ She is tasked with cleaning up the mess that has spawned from this feral structure, becoming lost in the process.
US 2016 Dir Peter Burr 14 min digital

Pattern Language
Architect Christopher Alexander’s design theories are applied towards a generative video game labyrinth, resulting in this rhythmic animation made of rippling, skipping, and strobing arrays of light infused with programmatic digital pixelation.
US 2017 Dir Peter Burr 10.5 min digital

If you'd like to see both Edge of Frame screenings, you can see both events for £15 when tickets are booked in the same transaction. See this page for details

Please note: this film contains strobe light effects that may be unsuitable for viewers with light sensitivity.


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