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A Cinema for Listening

Soundhouse: The Listening Body

Image of Soundhouse A Cinema for Listening  at the barbican by mica warren

Drop into our 'cinema for listening' and get lost in a curated collection of audio works

Step inside the Soundhouse installation to hear a free permanent audio loop of English-language documentaries, dramas and pieces of sound art curated to provoke the imagination and stimulate the senses. 

Open from 11am–8pm daily*

*Depending on event timetable

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Audio Loop

produced by Katharina Smets (Belgium)
An interview with a writer called Writer veers into dangerous territory.
From the series ‘Detroit Detour’, for VPRO, 2015

Please Hold (Extract)
produced by Ross Sutherland (UK)
A short story about a life on the line.
For the podcast ‘Imaginary Advice’, 2018

We Fell Through a Crack in the World
produced by Peter Blegvad (UK)/screams by John Guerrasio
‘We fell through a crack in the world, and down into hell
we were hurled...’ a musical tumble into the afterlife.
For Radio Free Song Club, 2010

A Taxi Stops
produced by Rikke Houd (Denmark)
‘You are afraid to fall through a crack in the world and disappear…’ The Danish producer Rikke Houd engages in audio time travel as she revisits one of her early recordings to build a miniature dreamscape.
From the series ‘Short Cuts’, a Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4, 2018

Touching the Elephant
produced by Matt Thompson (UK)
Based on the old fable, this late-nineties BBC documentary invites four blind people to touch an elephant and describe the experience.
A Rockethouse production for BBC Radio 4, 1997

Bas Jan Ader (Extract)
produced by Phoebe Wang (USA)
Sitting somewhere between a painting and an artist manifesto, the American audio artist Phoebe Wang explores the compulsion to make and the search for something that you may never find. Inspired by the artist Bas Jan Ader, who disappeared at sea while making his final art piece, ‘In Search of the Miraculous’.
From the podcast ‘Constellations’, 2018

Every Heart has a Limited Number of Heartbeats
written and produced by Martin Johnson (Sweden) and Ann Heppermann (USA)
‘Those who are already dead slowly become faint memories, that can be awakened, and re-lived…’ A short work that sits between fiction and reality.
From the podcast ‘Serendipity’, 2015

produced by Phil Smith (UK)
A scrap from an interview, in which the writer Colin Dexter reflects on storytelling, is transformed into a musical work.
For the live event ‘Folly for a Flyover’, Assemble, 2011

They’re Made Out of Meat
produced by Jonathan Mitchell (USA)
Terry Bisson’s classic short story, imagining our first contact with aliens, is brought to life.
From the show Studio 360, on WNYC, 2011

Just Another Fish Story
produced by Molly Menschel (USA)
The people of Lubec in Maine relive the burial of a giant visitor to their beachfront and, in doing so, tell us as much about the town as the whale.
Made at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2004

Rabble Rousers (Extract)
produced by Sarah Boothroyd (Canada)
Touching on ethics, justice, democracy, and global citizenship, Rabble Rousers explores the notion of protest as a spontaneous installation of improvised ‘music’ in public space.
Supported by the Ontario Arts Council, 2012

Changes Again
produced by Jon Tjhia (Australia)
Roger lives his life surrounded by a beguiling sprawl of shapes and patterns; an assemblage of repetitions and broken pieces. For this story, he explores the internal resonances of these objects – with the help of contact microphones and various agitators.
For the podcast ‘Paper Radio’, 2017

The Art of Knowing When to Retreat
produced by Stacia Brown (USA)
Stacia Brown reflects on the complex intersections of art, motherhood, selfhood and capitalism.
From the podcast ‘Hope Chest’, 2018

The Curve of the Earth
produced by Stephanie Rowden (USA)
The writer Keith Taylor relives a memory of flight from his childhood in Western Alberta.
For the Third Coast International Audio Festival Short Docs Challenge, 2007


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Read: Soundhouse - The Listening Body

What might a cinema for audio look like? We explore ideas around collective listening and the physicality behind listening to audio in a collection of essays by audio-makers and academics, commissioned as part of the Soundhouse project. 

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