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WArd/waRD: Redefining Performance

by Ann Van den Broek

photo of dancers in a dark room

Choreographer Ann Van den Broek and her dance company WArd/waRD take up residence in the Barbican Foyers, exploring the interaction between performers and audiences in public spaces.

What happens when performance is displaced from the theatre? What happens when stage and seating switch places? How does leaving the the stage impact performers? How does this influence spectators' behaviour?

Van den Broek will develop and expand the idea of a “total experience” within her productions -  the combination of movement with video, audio and text, while exploring her own “emotional minimalist” movement language, in which the expressive character of her work and the mathematical structure of her compositions create a tension which drives her productions forward.

This is the first of Van den Broek’s Barbican residencies, the second of which will take place in 2018.

Performances from 23–27 October and 30 Oct–3 Nov from 11am–7pm

Talks & Performances

Ann Van den Broek, company WArd/waRD and collaborators will be discussing their time in the Barbican foyers over the last two weeks. They’ll explore what they’ve learnt about their research subject of memory loss and their experiences of being ‘resident’ in a public arena and multi-use space.

Collaborator Marcelle Schots will be chairing, and audiences are welcome to participate.

Fri 3 Nov, 4pm

Barbican Foyers


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