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Sea, Earth and Fire

A Barbican Library Foyer Exhibition

2 glass cast pieces by Michele Riley and necklace, pendant, ring by Danielle Germon

Ten years on from their previous exhibition at the Barbican Library, Michèle Riley and Danielle Germon, two sisters, are back with creations that show an even greater connection with nature.

Michèle’s glass is mostly cast, using the lost wax technique. Many of her sculptures seem to have come out of the earth or the sea, and been transformed by the passing of time. Colour, volume, and surface are all equally important.

Having trained as a geologist, Danielle has developed a natural love for stones. She either mixes them with unusual elements in necklaces, or uses semi-precious stones for which she creates unique settings in silver.

Her enamels reflect her recent interest in non-western art.

‘Fire‘ of course relates to the process used to produce all the art pieces.

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