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Patti Cake$ (15)

Parent and Baby Screening

Trailer for Patti Cake$

A 23-year-old with big dreams; Patricia also known as Killa P, Dumbo and White Trish is determined to escape New Jersey and become a star.

Patricia (Danielle Macdonald) is a young girl growing up in New Jersey who is on a quest to become a successful rapper whilst trying to avoid the unexciting and tiresome details of her real life. The 23-year-old lives at home with her difficult mother (Bridget Everett) and her sick grandmother (Cathy Moriarty). Eager to not be at home she finds herself working at a shabby local bar but continuously wanting more from life. Patti with the help of her friend Hareesh, devises a plan to leave her hometown and become the successful rap star that she dreams of.

This coming-of-age story is humorous with a ton or raw energy. Patti Cake$ is the first feature film from acclaimed commercial and music-video director Geremy Jasper.

US 2017 Dir Geremy Jasper 108 min

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This film contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy

Our Parent and Baby screenings are designed for adults to enjoy the latest film releases with their young babies, in a relaxed atmosphere with gentler lighting and sound. Screenings are suitable for babies of 12 months or under.


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