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New East Cinema

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Part of Russian Film Week, this film, set in Soviet Georgia is based on a true story. A hippyish group of youngsters attempt to hijack a local flight to escape from a regime they have come to despise.

Nika and Ana’s wedding preparations are well under way; it’s going to be a big day for both of their elite families. However all is not as it seems as the celebrations are actually part of a cover up, as they plan their escape from the Soviet Union. The newlyweds and their friends plot to run away from their confined lives and start afresh in the free world.

The UK premiere of Rezo Gigineishvili's latest feature is a tense, atmospheric story based on real events that took place in 1983 when a group of young, aspiring Georgians hijacked a commercial aircraft in an attempt to escape the stifling reality of the USSR for the promises of the West.

Tim Robey interviews director Rezo Gigineishvili in the ScreenTalk following the screening. 

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Russia/Georgia/Poland 2017 Dir Rezo Gigineishvili 103 min

In collaboration with Russian Film Week and Eastern Seasons

New East Cinema is a film series presented in collaboration with Calvert 22 Foundation, curated by The New Social: a cultural collective bringing contemporary cinema from eastern Europe and beyond to London. 

Tim Robey has written on film, and occasionally books, for the Daily Telegraph since 2000. He is co- editor of The DVD Stack (Canongate), a guide to the best versions of movies available globally, and turns up on Radio 4’s Front Row, The Film Programme, Monocle FM Radio and BBC.

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